Z Rudy & Mary Coriz
Ke-Wa/Santo Domingo Jewelry
Earrings - French Wire Feather
Turquoise Combinations

Rudy & Mary Coriz, Kewa / Santo Domingo Pueblo, New Mexico, USA

Native American Indian Jewelry

Rudy and Mary have a distinct style with a group that is flooded with artists and craftsmen whose work all looks the same. They don't do a lot through re-sellers so I'm always glad when I can get a few pieces from them.

5/3/2015: According to the artist, he (like virtually every other artist) is having a great deal of difficulty accessing turquoise (the Chinese and Japanese re buying everything they can get their hands on). He does not know when or if this will change but feels, for now, he will not be able to make the feathers in turquoise. What a shame..

These were purchased from the artist.

Gift Boxed

Metals: Sterling Silver (Findings)

Materials: Depends upon the particular pair Turquoise (blue), Apple Coral (orange), Serpentine (various-frog-dk green, pink, yellow, green), Jet, Pipestone, Magnesite (white)

Diameter: 11/16"

Total Drop: 2-3/4"

Height x Width (Earring Only): 2" x 9/16"W

Weight: .4oz/11gr/.022lb

Signed: RC

Hallmarked: No.  Kewa work is rarely hallmarked as usually the only silver are the findings

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