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Bracelet - Link - Turtles
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

Rebecca Yatsattie, Zuni

What an adorable little bracelet.  Rebecca also does this in various other stones and a mix. This is one of the many pieces I have had sitting in my vault since 2011.  It was made about the time the Sleeping Beauty mine closed but turquoise was still available. 

 Remember to check the dimensions-the photos are extreme close-ups

Gift Boxed

Materials:  Sterling SilverSleeping Beauty Turquoise - (8) Turtles

Length as Worn (total length):  8-1/2"  (I have a 6-3/4" wrist and this fits  on the final link but is a tad on the larger side.  If you have a smaller wrist you will likely have to hook into the link before the last turtle (or further, as required).This bracelet has adjust-ability smaller or larger by removing a link or adding a link.  If you remove a link, for an additional fee a pendant or ring could be made.  If you want/need to add there will be an additional cost. Note this particular bracelet does not have a lot of jump rings.

Dimensions of each Turtle: 1/2"H" (nose to tail) x 5/16"W

Distance between each Turtle (includes 2 soldered round rings and 1-handmade elongated jump ring): 9/16"W

Weight: .3oz/9gr/0.02lbs

Signed: Unsigned

Hallmarked: .925


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