Z Ramiro Veloz Casas (Jr)
Mata Ortiz/Nuevo Casa Grandes
Pottery - Handmade
Plata and Stand
Lizards & Macaws
2-1/4"H x 6-1/2" Diameter

Ramiro Veloz, Mata Ortiz/Nuevo Casa Grandes, Mexico


This beautifully formed plata features Ramiro's unique signature "sueded" clay.  The stand that will come with it is NOT the plastic piece but the other one that matches the plata.

Ramiro started potting in 1991, when he took over painting of his father's pots upon the death of his mother.  In 1998, Ramiro Sr suffered a stroke and the entire process fell to Jr.   Since that time Ramiro Jr has provided all the family income. They live next door to Juan Quezada.

Ramiro's matte "suede" clay platas were my first intro to Mata Ortiz many years ago and I own several in my personal collection. I sure wish I had one of these handmade stands. I thought about purloining this one for myself but I think Ramiro left the plata unsigned so no one would separate the stand which is signed. So much for that admittedly bad idea!

In the interests of complete transparency, there is a mark on the bottom of the plata from the price tape (stickum) as I received it (see below).  I have been reticent to try to remove the stickum for fear of doing actual damage. I'm going to touch base with a few people who have more experience with this as to potential options. If it were a polished pot, I wouldn't hesitate to remove it but, because it is a matte surface.

Ramiro has won many awards at the Concurso de Ceramica de Mata Ortiz and is featured, with his father, in the book "The Many Faces of Mata Ortiz" 

For many years many collectors of southwestern pueblo pottery looked down upon the Mata Ortiz work. There is now a generally recognized understanding and appreciation of the Juan Quezada rebirth of Paquime work dating back to the fourteenth century.  MO works can now be found in museums, fine galleries, and the homes of people who previously spurned them. Availability of Mata Ortiz pottery has been impacted by the Mexican drug wars but is remains a fabulous value for handmade pottery (NOT spun on a wheel) of this quality.  This piece is part of a lot that I purchased in mid-2011 but am only posting now (late 2015).

Dimensions:  9-1/4" Diameter x 2-1/4"H

Angled Stand: This is handmade of the same suede clay beautiful, even, thin walls. 4-3/4" Diameter x 3"H

Signed: Ramiro did not sign the pot but did sign the handmade stand (see below)

Weight (plata only): 17.4oz/492g/1.08lb

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