Z Arlita Lahi (Zuni)
Pendant/Pin - Flower
Petit-Point Sleeping Beauty Turquoise
Set in Sterling Silver

Arlita Lahi, Zuni  - Native American Indian Jewelry

Unmistakable turquoise petit-point design.  It is a unique and beautifully feminine work. How she produces this so inexpensively is totally beyond me.  I sometimes also have the matching bracelet, made with her husband, Phillip, sold separately. If you like this look also at the pendant by Florenda Lonasee.

Remember to check the dimensions-the photos are extreme close-ups

Gift Boxed

Materials: Flower design of oxidized sterling silver with Sleeping Beauty Turquoise (Blue) 

Dimensions: 1-3/8"H  x 1-3/8"W.  

Signed: A Lahi Zuni (engraved)

Metal Hallmarked: No.  Not unusual for Zuni work

Repeatable Design:  Yes

Available in other materials: No


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