Z Peter Nelson - Navajo
Hair Barrette/Clip
Natural Kings Manassa Turquoise

Oxidized Sterling Silver Overlay

 Peter Nelson, Navajo Jeweler - Arizona, USA -  Native American Jewelry

Beautiful handmade sterling silver overlay hair clip with a piece of natural King's Manassa turquoise. By award winning artist. Features Peter's distinct abstract geometric "rug" overlay design and hand stamping elements.

The color on this turquoise is a bit lighter than shown, I will put up another photo when I have a chance. 


Type: Hair Barrette/Clip w Gift Box

Metal: Sterling Silver Overlay- Clip is Nickel

Stones or Other Materials: Natural Kings Manassa Turquoise

Height (of silver):  1/2"

Height (of total piece top to bottom):  5/8"

Width:  1-3/4"

Weight: .5oz/13g/.029lbs

Signed: Peter Nelson

Hallmarked: Sterling


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