with Stamping
Sterling Silver
Size 14">

Peter Nelson - Navajo
Ring - Overlay - 3/4"
with Stamping
Sterling Silver
Size 14

Peter NelsonNavajo

Peter's signature overlay & stamping"rug" design.  Handmade.  Each ring he makes is different.

Here's one for a big finger.  Over the years, people have complained to me about not being able to find nice big rings.  This one is for you!

Peter wins regularly in one or more categories at Santa Fe Indian Market. 

Remember to check the dimensions-the photos are extreme close-ups

Materials: Sterling Silver

Band Width: 3/4"W on Top

Overlay Design Dimensions: 1-1/2"L

Weight: .5oz/15gr/.033lb

Signed: Peter Nelson

Hallmarked: Sterling

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