Kingman Turquoise">

Z Vera Halusewa - Zuni
1-3/16" Pendant w Chain - Turquoise Snowflake/Star - Small
Kingman Turquoise

Vera Halusewa   Zuni, New Mexico, USA  

1-3/16"H  x 1-3/16"W.  This is one of Vera's signature pieces.  Supplied with 18" sterling silver box chain - non-native (Italy.) 

I'm reasonably certain Vera is no longer working, I have not found any new work from her since approximately 2016

Gift Boxed

Materials: Kingman Turquoise (Stabilized), Sterling Silver

Overall Height x Width (including bale & swivel):  1-1/2"H x 1-1/16"W 

Signed: Vera Halusewa Zuni

Metal Hallmarked: No

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