Feather - Medium Small
Rounded Bottom
Sterling Silver">

Z Lena Platero - Navajo
1-1/8" Earrings
Feather - Medium Small
Rounded Bottom
Sterling Silver

Lena Platero, Navajo - New Mexico, USA

Lena Platero has been know for her beautiful line of feather jewelry for decades.  I have a small selection of her work but hope to be adding more over time. Let me know if you are looking for something specific.

Lena's health has been up and down for some time so her her work is not always available.

Any apparent anomalies on the pieces are issues of photographic reflections.

 To see other feather jewelry please click: Feather Jewelry Collection

Photos are extreme close-ups - Please pay attention to listed dimensions

Materials: Sterling silver

Total Drop  (from wire):  1-3/4""

Height of Feather:  1-1/8"

Width: 11/16"

Weight: .2oz/5gr/  lbs

Signed: Lena Platero

Hallmarked: Sterling


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