Z Will Dentedale - Navajo Jewelry
Ring - Bronze Infused Kingman Turquoise Size 8-3/4

Will Denetdale, Navajo

I love these rings. They are beautiful and have a really solid feel.  I bought them with men in mind but they actually look good on women as well.

Will is a full time jeweler and does excellent work. He supplies pieces to various trader shops. I think it is because of this that much of his work, while always well executed, does not tend to be uniquely identifiable.

When I was in New Mexico in August/September 2015, I I was trying to get more of these rings but was told Will is not doing much work these days.  The trader said the rings are in great demand but they cannot get them.  I was very sorry to hear that because these rings ARE identified with Will and have been very popular with my customers.  I only have a couple left.  

Size: 8-3/4

Signed: W Detendale Navajo

Hallmark: Sterling

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