Nataanii - John Charley - Navajo
Cuff Links Multi-Inlay
Azurite, Opal, Onyx

Artist: Nataanii (John Charley)  Navajo Jewelry New Mexico, USA 


Absolutely fantastic azurite cuff links; stunning colors. I picked up several pairs of azurite earrings by Stoneweaver artists but am told there will be no more azurite done due to the toxicity of working with malachite. I totally understand but what a shame as they are just gorgeous.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It isn't toxic to wear these things, it's toxic to inhale the malachite as it is cut, ground, and buffed.

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Remember to check the dimensions-the photos are extreme close-ups 
The photos are often MUCH larger than the actual piece

Gift Boxed

Metal: Sterling Silver

Materials: Azurite (Swirling mix of lapis & malachite), Imitation Opal, & Onyx

Height Total: 7/8"H

Width (Widest): 5/8"W

Repeatable Design: The setting might be repeated but I'm told they will not be doing more azurite.

Weight: .5oz/13g /.03 lb

Signed: Nataanii (c)

Hallmarked: Sterling

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