Z Angela Martin - Navajo
Ring - Branch Silver Wires
Turquoise Dots
Size 7

Angela Martin, Navajo 

This ring looks really nice on a finger.  I drive artists and traders nuts by trying on almost everything to get an idea what it looks like,  A friend of mine convinced me a number of years ago of the value of doing this.  I have repeatedly found that there were things I either wasn't sure of or thought were outright ugly that, when worn, looked spectacular.  This was one I was on the fence about until I tried it on, it's beautiful. I have this in various sizes, each is different.

I also have some fantastic cuff bracelets in this design, with and without stones.

Remember to check the dimensions-the photos are extreme close-ups

Materials: Sterling Silver Wires in abstract "branch" design with Turquoise dots

Band Width: 7/16"

Weight: .2oz/7gr/.02lb

Signed: A

Hallmarked: Sterling


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