Miscellaneous Artist - Navajo Jewelry
Silver Cross Pendant w Turquoise Rose
with Silver 18" Chain

Source: Miscellaneous Artist - Navajo, New Mexico

Sterling Silver Cross on (non-native) 18" sterling silver box chain.  This design comes with 3D silver Rose with a center snake-eye dot of turquoise.  I have a couple versions of these in coral and turquoise and with a wider and narrower silver cross pieces. This is the narrower of the two.


Gift Boxed

Metal: Sterling Silver

Materials: Turquoise

Total Height (including bale): 1-7/8"H

Bale Height: 1/8"H

Pendant (only) Height: 1-3/4"H

Pendant Width: 1-1/16"W+

Width of Upright & Crossbar: 1/16"


Weight (including chain): .1oz/3gr/.0066lb


Pendant Markings: V.A.

Chain Marking: 18" Italian Box Chain .925 Italy

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