Z EZP - Miscellaneous Artist
Zuni Jewelry
Earrings - Post/Stud
2 Needlepoint Arcs in Sterling Silver

EZP,  - Zuni Pueblo New Mexico, USA 


Very well executed needlepoint and silver.  I really like this design, these are stunning.  About four years ago I had a pair by Eva Wyaco that were exceptional and I keep my eye out for similar since.

I don't know who EZP is, this is definitely one of his/her regular designs. At time of purchase, I picked up two of these, I have no idea if I will be able to get them again.

Gift Boxed

Metal: Sterling Silver: 

Materials: Turquoise Sleeping Beauty 

Overall:  1-1/8"H x 5/8"W 

Total Drop (from post): 1/2"H.

Weight: .2oz/5gr/0.011lbs

Signed: EZP  Zuni

Hallmarked: Sterling

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