Z Miscellaneous Artist EA - Pendant
Navajo Jewelry Pendant
Large Teardrop Bumblebee Jasper
Saw Cut & Beaded Sterling Silver Accents

Artist: EA  for Trader Shop, New Mexico, USA

Materials: Bumblebee Jasper, Sterling Silver

Description:  This is a striking piece of what  is being called Bumblee Jasper (also known as Fumarolic Jasper). Geologically it doesn't really qualify as jasper. The stone is a mixture of Indonesian volcanic lava and  sediment. It is usually found in some mix of yellow, orange, off-white, black, and khaki green.  I went through an entire box to select this one. It never ceases to amaze me what comes out of nature.

It has a MOHs hardness of  5 or less.  I strongly suspect this is stabilized in some manner.

Due to the sulphur content (the PH of which is acidic), I probably would avoid this stone in a ring as getting it wet when washing hands could eventually contribute to pitting of the silver.

Chain not included - Do you need a chain, please go to the accessories collection.

Remember to check the dimensions-the photos are extreme close-ups

 Overall Dimensions (including silver perimeter including bale): 1-15/16"H x 1-1/8"W

Stone Dimensions: 2"H x 7/8"W

Bale & Attachment: 3/4"

Signed: EA

Hallmark: Sterling

Weight: .8oz, 22gr, .05lb

Repeatable Design:  There were other similar pieces available at time of purchase but I felt this was the best of the lot.

Available in other materials: Not really, similar sizes and shapes may become available from time to time but I buy in person based upon the specific piece.

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