Miscellaneous Artist
A Smith
Native American Crafted Jewelry
Ring R30 - Amber - Long Oval
with Saw Cut Perimeter Designs
Various Sizes

Artist: Miscellaneous Artist - A Smith - Navajo Jewelry - New Mexico, USA

This artist works for a trader shop executing in-house designs.

This is a repeatable design, photograph is not of the specific ring(s) available for purchase but is an accurate rendition of the piece(s) offered.

This design may be available in other stones and sizes; click on the magnifying glass above and search by R30

Amber is the fossilized resin of ancient forests. It is not uncommon to find specimens of amber with debris such as seeds, leaves and insects. The majority of natural amber that is found today is approximately 30-90 million years old. Because it is an organic substance, it is lightweight and warm to the touch. No two pieces are exactly alike, please allow for variations. This beautiful custom Amber ring is handcrafted and made of Amber and Sterling silver

Size: Various - See drop down below for stock sizes

Signed: A Smith

Hallmark: Sterling

Weight: .2oz/7gr/.0154lb

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