Miscellaneous Artist (Angus Ahiyite?)
Zuni Jewelry
Bumblebee w Flower Multi-Inlay
Pendant/Pin-Medium Large
White & Gold Lip Mother of Pearl

 Zuni Jewelry, New Mexico

This bumble bee has been a popular Zuni design for many years.  I'm not certain if it is executed by the same artist or family as it is unsigned but I suspect it is.  It might be Angus Ahiyite but most of the things I have by Angus are signed. Anyway, it comes in a variety of styles and sizes. I usually have a variety but they are not always posted.

Gift Boxed

Metal: SIlver

Materials: White MOP, Gold Lip MOP, Dark Brown/Black Shell, Turquoise

Weight: .2oz/5gr/.01lbs

Signed: Unsigned

Hallmarked:  No


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