Sawblade Cut
Black Graphite
1-1/2"H x 3-3/4" Diameter">

Z Lucia Quezada
Mata Ortiz/Nuevo Casa Grandes
Pottery - Handmade
"Flying Saucer" - Small Size
Sawblade Cut
Black Graphite
1-1/2"H x 3-3/4" Diameter

Lucia Quezada, Mata Ortiz/Nuevo Casa Grandes, Mexico


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Lucia is part of the second generation of the Juan Quezada family; she is the daughter of Juans's youngest brother, Reynaldo Quezada Celado and sister of Mariano. Renaldo is credited with originating this design and being the first to utilized mixed, "marbleized" clay.

This is a really good value for the price but it is not executed with the same precision as the medium piece found elsewhere on my site.  A great piece for those who cannot afford the dollars or space required for the bigger pieces. Typically the family achieves the cuts using an old hacksaw blade.

Availability of Mata Ortiz pottery has been impacted by the Mexican drug wars but is still a fabulous value for handmade pottery (NOT spun on a wheel) of this quality.

This pot will be provided with a pottery ring for display.

Dimensions:  1-1/2"H x 3-3/4" Diameter

Signed: Lucia Quezada

Weight: 4.2oz/118g/.26lb

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