L Panteah (Copy of Arick & L Lukila) - Zuni
Native American Jewelry - Ring
Turquoise & Opal Inlay
Sterling Silver Multiple Sizes (See Drop-down)

L. Panteah  Zuni Jewelry - Zuni, New Mexico, USA 

This was a signature design by the Lukilas for many years and then they stopped showing up to the wholesaler about 1-1/2 to 2 years ago.  I have a backlog of requests for this ring, particularly in turquoise and imitation opal.  The Lukilas used Sleeping Beauty turquoise.

While I was in New Mexico this year (2016), I found that L. Panteah had taken over (usurped?) the making of this design.  They might be a relative with permission or they could have recognized a hole and decided to fill it.

I've always loved the design and hated that it was no longer accessible.  Well, now it is.  It is important to note the work is currently not as refined as what the Lukila's were doing.  I suspect they are using lab turquoise (as opposed to Sleeping Beauty) but I can't confirm that and therefore will not represent it otherwise.  Some are a little rougher than others but it is still a very good value for the work required to make the rings.  

It is still a beautiful design and I went through a big pile to get the best pieces in a variety of sizes. It is lightweight and iridescent. Not all the rings are signed, I suspect they missed several while going through the pile they made.

The people who made specific requests for the rings have been contacted so these may go quickly.

I still have a few of the other Lukilas rings which can be found by clicking thru:

Lukila Turquoise/Turquoise Ring

Lukila Coral/Coral Ring


Images are representative - each ring is different.  I have posted a few . If the rings don't sell on posting, I will put up photos of the other sizes.


1 & 2 are one of the Size 7-1/2's

3 & 4 are one of the Size 7-1/2's

Remember to check the dimensions-the photos are extreme close-ups

Type: Ring

Metal: Sterling Silver 

Stones or Other Materials: (Lab) Turquoise and imitation opal

 Weight: .001oz/.05gr/

Signed: L Panteah (etched) (some are NOT signed)

Hallmarked: None Not unusual for Zuni work.  The piece is non-magnetic

Repeatable Design:  As available, see above for details.  I will try to keep this on hand in multiple sizes but availability may continue to be difficult.

Available in other materials: I have this in a number of combinations (see links above) and one turquoise/turquoise by these folks. Different combinations and/or artists may be different prices.

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