Lapis Oval Cabachon
Size 7-1/2">

Navajo Jewelry
Handmade Ring
Sterling Silver "Shield"/"Sunburst"
Lapis Oval Cabachon
Size 7-1/2

Tim Bedah (Deceased)- Navajo Jewelry- New Mexico, USA 

A beautiful handmade ring featuring a lovely oval of deep blue purple Lapis Lazuli.  I had this specifically made as I was getting a lot of requests for lapis work.  Varying artists may execute the design.

It appears this ring will come and go as I am able to acquire it in various sizes, materials, and fabricated by various smiths (these are custom made for a trader shop).  Be prepared for the prices to show significant fluctuation from order to order. 

They were talking about casting this instead of handmaking which will make it a bit less expensive but I hope they keep it handmade.

Remember to check the dimensions-the photos are extreme close-ups

Size: 7-1/2

Metal: Sterling Silver with Oxidized Shield Design

Stones or Other Materials: Oval of Lapis Lazuli surrounded by Sterling Twist Wire

Silver Shield Height: 1-3/16"H

Turquoise Oval Dimensions: 9/16"H x 1/4"W

Weight: .5oz/15gr/0.033lbs

Signed: L

Hallmarked: Sterling

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