Repousse Rounds with Garnets
Sterling Silver & Stamped
French Wire">

L Bruce Hodgins - Navajo - Deceased
1" Earrings
Repousse Rounds with Garnets
Sterling Silver & Stamped
French Wire

L Bruce Hodgins (Navajo)  Arizona, USA  1959 - 2018

Handmade by Navajo Master Silversmith L Bruce Hodgins, here is a lovely pair of garnet earrings with stamping. I bought a number items from Bruce in 2017 and now, post retirement, getting around to posting. This is the only currently available item I have up but still have five other pieces that I will be posting.

Unfortunately, I've found Bruce passed in 2018. What a shame, such a nice man and he did wonderful work.  I wish I had more of an opportunity to show his pieces.

Bruce began producing in the late 1970's when he understudied with Hopi artist Sidney Secakuku, Jr. followed by formal study at Northern Arizona University. He had a "tree" from which hang his huge collection of ribbons.

Metal: Sterling Silver 

Diameter (Total): 1"

Total Drop (from ear): 1-3/4"

Weight: .35oz/9gr/.02lbs

Signed: L.B.H. (engraved)

Hallmarked: .925 engraved



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