Wishbone Diamonds
Amazonite, Turquoise, & Opal
Sterling Silver">

Z Kenneth Bitsie - Navajo
1-3/4" Earrings Multi-Inlay
Wishbone Diamonds
Amazonite, Turquoise, & Opal
Sterling Silver

Kenneth Bitsie, Navajo  - Stoneweaver Shop

Striking aqua, turquoise and iridescent opal comprise this version of the popular, "long diamond" Kenneth Bitsie earring design.  If you like this design search under Kenneth Bitsie or Stoneweaver to see other items. Rubber clutches included to prevent loss of earrings

Please check the dimensions-the photos are extreme close-ups

Gift Boxed

Materials: Sterling Silver, Amazonite, Imitation Opal, & Turquoise

Height - Earrings -Total:  1-3/4"H

Height - Earrings Total Drop From Wire:  1-3/4"

Width - Earrings at widest point: 1/2"

Inlay Area: 1/2" x 5/16"

Signed:  Kenneth Bitsie

Hallmarked: Sterling

Weight: .1oz/4gr/.0088lbs

Repeatable Design:  The setting is repeatable but each inlay combination is so unique these should be viewed as one-of-a-kind

Available in other materials: Yes - check under Kenneth Bitsie


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