Z J.S. - Miscellaneous Artist
Zuni Earrings - Post/Stud
Channel Inlay Rectangles

J.S.  Miscellaneous Zuni Jewelry Artist

I love this design, it reminds me of Frank Lloyd Wright which of course has nothing to do with Native American jewelry.

I've had several things from this artist (same design). I don't know who he/she is but when I see the work, I buy it.  These were purchased in early 2012 and I'm just getting around to photographing and posting.  

Combine purchases to reach $100 for free shipping
Remember to check the dimensions-the photos are extreme close-ups 


Gift Boxed

Materials: Sterling Silver & Coral

Dimensions - Total Overall:  1/2"H x 7/16"W

Height - (Drop from Post):  3/8"H

Weight: .1oz/4gr (pair)/.01lbs

Signed:  J.S.


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