Jet, Turquoise, Coral
White Mother of Pearl
Size Extra Large">

Pernell & Idella Edaakie - Zuni Jewelry
Pendant (Only)
Spiral Multi-Inlay "Barberpole"
Jet, Turquoise, Coral
White Mother of Pearl
Size Extra Large

Artist/Source: P/I Edaakie, Zuni - Zuni, New Mexico, USA  Native American Indian Jewelry

Amazing.  These never cease to mystify me as to how they make them.  I have an Anglo  friend who is a jewelry artist in New York and she cannot believe these things nor the low price for the amount and quality of the work.

I suspected they had made some kind of cast for the silver portion but I can't figure out how they could have polished and signed them.  In any case, the silver portion on every one I've purchased is a bit different. The little ones are even MORE confounding. I try to carry a variety of the sizes and color (stone) variations in both the earrings and the pendants.

Be careful of these, if you drop them on something really hard (tile floor) you risk cracking or potentially dislodging one of the inlays.  If you can find the piece, it can be reset by a professional jeweler but I have no idea at what cost.

White Mother of Pearl is iridescent and can slightly change color somewhat under some light.

They are remarkably light for how large they are.

The artist makes these in four sizes, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large... (and a variety of stone configurations)  

Type: Earrings - Dangle-Post with Gift Box

Metal: Sterling Silver

Stones or Other Materials: Jet, White Mother of Pearl, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, & Coral inlaid in spiraled Sterling Silver

Total Pendant Drop (Including Bale): 2-7/8"

Total Pendant Height (Not Including Bale or RIng): 2-1/4"

Width: 1/2"

Weight: .1oz/3g for the pair

Signed: P/I Edaakie

Hallmarked: Zuni Sterling

Repeatable Design:  Similar earrings, subject to availability.  They are not machine-made, so every one is different in some way. There are many sizes and combinations of stones available.  I try to buy a variety but, typically there are not exact matches from order to order

Available in other materials: Yes, subject to availability

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