Argentium Sterling Silver
Double-Sided Etched">

Z Howard Sice (Hopi-Laguna)
Bracelet - 1" Cuff
Argentium Sterling Silver
Double-Sided Etched

Howard Sice (Hopi - Laguna)  Arizona, USA  

Stunningly beautiful bright handmade Argentium Anticlastic Sterling Silver Cuff.  The etchings are various geometric designs and birds. The cuff is rolled which makes for a very comfortable fit. This cuff will be a better fit for someone with an oval wrist.

Howard is one of VERY few artists who has transitioned to Argentium in most of his work. This makes his pieces particularly reflective and tarnish resistant.

Howard has been an award winning artist for over twenty years.  I spent quite a bit of time with he and his family at Santa Fe Indian Market last year (2015) which is where I acquired this special work.

Understandably, this sold to the first person who saw it in person. 

Metal: Argentium Sterling Silver 

Other Materials: Not Applicable

Height Total (Width of Band): 1"H Total

Size (Metal Only): 5-1/4"

Size (Opening): 1-3/16"

Size Total (As currently configured): 6-7/16"

Adjustable: Yes, as this is has no stones it could be opened or closed a bit more

Weight: 2oz/58gr/.13 lbs

Signed: SICE

Hallmarked: Sterling with the Argentium Flying Unicorn Hallmark


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