Sunburst Squares
Stamped and Etched
Sterling Silver">

Howard Sice -Hopi-Laguna
1/2" Earrings
Sunburst Squares
Stamped and Etched
Sterling Silver

Howard Sice (Hopi - Laguna)  Arizona, USA

Howard is the recipient of many awards, and also has served as a judge at the prestigious Prescott Indian Art Show.  He is self taught and the uncle of famed fetish artist Troy Sice.

I love that he still does small, dainty pieces that are affordable to virtually anyone.  At one point I had earrings even smaller than this. 

I purchased a pair of his earrings 25 years ago without know who he was, I still love them.

If small is your thing, check out the small earrings in my Peter Nelson collection. 

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The photos are often MUCH larger than the actual piece
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Height Total: 1"H Total

Height - Total Drop: 1" Drop

Earring: 1/2"H x 1/2"W

Weight: .1oz/2gr/0.004lbs

Signed: SICE

Hallmarked: Sterling with Argentium unicorn logo


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