SOLD Gene & Martha Jackson
Navajo Jewelry
Lapis Lazuli Earrings - French Wire
Small Thin Oblong
Silver Beaded Side Accents

Gene & Martha Jackson - Navajo Jewelry   Native American Jewelry

The Jacksons had an unusual amount of lapis this year at Indian Market (2016).  Like last year, it was very good stone.  Since my return I've been posting a piece per month, here's my first for 2017.  

The last time I had a pair similar to this, I mismarked the price and the buyer got a fabulous deal that was well below my, it happens.  This price is current, correct, and still a good deal for the Jackson's handmade work.

Gift Boxed

Metal: Sterling Silver

Other Materials: Lapis Lazuli (natural)

Dimensions Height x Width (earring only) - Total: 3/4"H x 1/2"W

Height - Total Drop: 1-3/8"H Drop

Stone Dimensions: 11/16"H x 1/4"W

Weight: .2oz/5gr/.01lb

Signed: Jackson

Hallmarked: No. This is unusual for G&M but there is no doubt this is silver


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