Z Bear, Corn Maidens, Pueblo
Zuni Fetish Carving
Florentino Martinez
Turquoise (Serpentine)

Florentino Martinez  Zuni Fetish Carver

This extraordinary little gem was acquired in the summer of 2016.  Like a large part of my inventory, it has sat in storage waiting for my retirement from my "day job", for me to  post it to the world. 

Florentino became active in the early 90's gradually adopting a very complicated, detailed style.  The amount of detail in this smaller piece is remarkable. I have to look at this with a magnifying glass to see it all, imagine carving it! 

The green color of the first two pictures more closely replicates what you will see with the naked eye (but it still is lighter than the actual piece).  That said, even those are intentionally over-lit to allow you to see the details. This was sold to me as turquoise, but I think it is possible it is serpentine, I cannot be certain one way-or the other.  I wasn't as invested in the stone as I was in the execution of the work.

One of the most prominent of the extended Laate family of carvers, Florentino is related to the late Pernell Laate,  Elton and Derrick Kaamasee, Ruben Najera and his brother Esteban , Max Laate, Lewis Malie, Calvin Weeka, Jerrold Lahaleon, and Alvert Lamy.

All are very skilled at the realistic style of fetish. 

Remember to check the dimensions-the photos are extreme close-ups 
The photos are often MUCH larger than the actual piece


Signed: F Martinez Zuni

Length (Depth): 1" 

Width: 13/16"

Height: 1"

Weight: .4oz/11g/0.024lb


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