Emma Lincoln - Navajo
Cuff Bracelet for Baby
Tiger Eye in
Sterling Silver
Size 4-1/4" Baby

Artist: Emma Lincoln, Navajo, New Mexico, USA       Native American Indian Jewelry

Emma specializes in baby bracelets (she does other things too).  They are very dainty and adjustable.  I have them in many varieties of stones. They look adorable on a baby.

 Type: Cuff Baby Bracelet - Adjustable

Metal: Sterling Silver

Stones or Other Materials: Single Cab of Tiger Eye set in Sterling Silver

Total Size (Metal & Gap): 4-1/4"

Metal (Only)Size: 3-1/2" - Inside

Bracelet Opening (Gap): 3/4"

Height: NA

Width: 3/8"

Weight: .1oz/3g/.007lbs

Signed: Unmarked

Hallmarked: Sterling

Repeatable Design:  I can usually find her work but not necessarily this exact piece.

Available in other materials: Many (see baby bracelets on my site)



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