Z Dion Lowsayte/Lowsayate
Zuni Jewelry
Earrings - French Wire
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise
Channel Inlay Curved Teardrops

Dion Lowsayte/Lowsayate  Zuni Pueblo

Featuring the distinct "curved teardrop" of Dion (and Suzie) Lowsayate.  I have seen earrings, bracelets, and pendants in this style; very unique.

I just discovered this was posted without any details so I am reposting.These were purchased in 2011 (New) when the Sleeping Beauty mine was still open.

Gift Boxed

Total Drop: 1-5/8"

Dimensions Earring (only): 7/8"H x 1/2"W

Weight:  .1oz/4gr/.002lbs

Signed: D.L. Zuni (etched script)

Hallmarked: No, not unusual for Zuni work

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