Z Bennard & Frances Dallasvuyaoma (Hopi/Pima)
Handmade Earrings French Wire
Lapis Lazuli Rounds
w Sterling Silver Perimeter

Bennard & Frances Dallasvuyaoma   Hopi, Salt River Pima Arizona & New Mexico, USA  

Very dainty, featuring hand-cut and polished Lapis Lazuli with pyrite inclusions set in unique sterling sandstone silver cast from Hotevilla on the Third Mesa.  

Their art is very important to them. They are highly educated and very involved with community. Lovely people.

I have a matching pendant.

Please check the dimensions - photos are extreme close-ups

Materials: Lapis Lazuli, Sterling Silver

Total Drop: 13/16" 

Diameter of Earring (only):  5/16"

Diameter of Inlay Oval: 1/4"

Silver Accent Perimeter: 1/16"

Weight:  .1oz/2gr/.004lb

Signed: DD with copyright symbol

Metal Hallmarked: Sterling

Repeatable Design:  Yes, similar

Available in other materials: Yes, custom

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