Cross Pendant w Chain
Native American - Zuni
Miscellaneous Artist
Sharp Ovals Turquoise & Opals
Inset in Sterling Silver Shadowboxes
with 18" Chain

Source: Zuni, New Mexico

5 Sharp oval shadowboxes; three inlaid with turquoise, two with synthetic (green) Opal. Cross on (non-native) 18" sterling silver box chain.  


Total Height (including bale): 1-7/16"H

Bale Height: 3/16"H

Pendant (only) Height: 1-1/4"H

Pendant Width: 7/8"W

Upright & Crossbar Width: 1/4"


Weight (including chain): .1oz/2gr


Pendant Markings: Unsigned, no hallmark

Chain Marking: 18" Italian Box Chain .25 Italy

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