Z Cat (Domestic) - Zuni Fetish Carving
Kenny Chavez
Wild Horse/Appaloosa &
Sterling Silver Accent

Kenny Chavez,  Zuni Fetish Carver 

Kenny loves doing these domestic house cats.  They are instantly recognizable, with slightly canted head/ears and silver collar and eyes.

Kenny is a member of the vast extended fetish carving families that include the late Staley Natewa, the late Bremette Epaloose; the Cheamas - Wilfred, Arvella, Vivian, Fabian, and  Lance; Travis Lasiloo, Dan Quam, and Hudson Sandy - among many, many others.

Please check the dimensions - the photos are extreme close-ups.
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Signed:  Chavez (script)

Materials: Wild Horse/Appaloosa

Length (Depth):  9/16"

Width:  5/8"

Height:  2-7/16"

Weight: .7oz/20g/0.044lbs


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