Anticlastic Sterling Silver
Double-Sided Overlay & Stamped
X Large 7-7/8"">

Z L Bruce Hodgins, Navajo (Deceased)
Bracelet - 1" Cuff
Anticlastic Sterling Silver
Double-Sided Overlay & Stamped
X Large 7-7/8"

L Bruce Hodgins (Navajo)  Arizona, USA  1959 - 2018

Bruce died in 2018, the year after I acquired and sold this bracelet.

Handmade by Navajo Master Silversmith L Bruce Hodgins, here is a beautiful handmade anticlastic (curved in opposite ways in two directions) sterling silver cuff.  

In answer to those with larger wrists who have been bugging me to get more selections for them, here you are.  

The outside has designs from overlay and stamping, the inside from stamping only.  The cuff is rolled which makes for a very comfortable fit. This cuff will be a better fit for someone with an oval wrist.

Bruce has been producing since the late 1970's since he understudied with Hopi artist. Sidney Secakuku, Jr. followed by formal study at Northern Arizona University. He has a "tree" from which hang his huge collection of ribbons.

Metal: Sterling Silver 

Height Total (Width of Band): 1"H Total

Size (Metal Only): 6-3/4"

Size (Opening): 1-1/8"

Size Total (as currently configured): 7-7/8"

Adjustable: Yes, as this is has no stones it could be opened or closed a bit more.  Note: adjusted jewelry may not be returned

Weight: 2.3oz/64gr/.14lbs

Signed: L.B.H. (engraved)

Hallmarked: .925engraved


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