Z Julius Burbank &
Sherry Barney - Navajo
Bracelet - Handmade Cuff
Multi-Inlay Cornrow Cobblestone
(8) High Grade Natural Stones
Size 6-1/2 - 6-5/8 (Medium)

Julius Burbank (Silver) & Sherry Barney (Inlay), Navajo - New Mexico

This cuff will just take your breath away. The silver was made by Master Silversmith, Julius Burbank.  The amazing inlay was executed by Sherry Burbank.  I'm not clear why the silversmith gets to sign the piece alone but that's the way it is.  Both are Navajo out of New Mexico.

This stunning piece contains only the highest grade stones.  Found in this cuff are:

Sugilite (Dark and light purple), Sleeping Beauty Turquoise (clear light blue), Chinese Web Turquoise (blue and green examples, Gaspiete (light green),Mediterranean Coral (Red), Angel Skin Coral (Salmon & Pink), Orange Spiny Oyster (Bright to Burnt Orange), Lapis Lazuli (Deep Blue).



Bracelet Width (Top): 7/8" 

Weight:  2.7oz/78gr/.17lbs

Signed: Julius Burbank, Sterling

Repeatable Design:  This is custom.  Variations can be had but each will be subject to the "blank" design provided by the silversmith and then what Sherry does with the inlay.


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