Zuni Fetish Carving
Daphne Quam
Turquoise Accent

Daphne Quam, Zuni

A nice horse carved from an unusual piece of serpentine.  Daphne is married to Leland Boone (whose initials also appear on the piece.

I am always looking for horses but, historically, they haven't been that easy to find. Horses aren't a traditional animal to the Zuni so I guess it isn't that surprising.  

I have a superior horse by Travis Lasiloo elsewhere in fetishes.

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 Remember to check the dimensions-The photos are extreme close-ups.


Signed: LB DQ

Length: 2-5/8"

Width: 7/16"

Height: 1-13/16"

Weight: 1.8oz/50gr/0.11lb


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