7 Bead x Graduated Triple
Dangle Post
Sterling Silver">

Artie Yellowhorse - Navajo
1-3/4" Earrings
7 Bead x Graduated Triple
Dangle Post
Sterling Silver

Artie Yellowhorse, Navajo

A variation on Artie's single seven bead earring.  There are several versions of this. In this set, each of the charms are a different size. (in the other the design, the charms are all the same).

See elsewhere in the Yellowhorse Silver Dot Collection for a variety of items that may play well with this.    

Check the dimensions-the photos are extreme close-ups 
The photos are often MUCH larger than the actual piece


Materials: Sterling Silver

Diameter Overall:  5/16", 3/8", 7/16"

Total Drop  (from post):  1-1/2"

Weight: .4oz/10gr/0.022 lbs

Signed: Artie Yellowhorse

Hallmarked: Sterling


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