Cecil & Connie Hattie Johnson
Zuni Jewelry
Ring - 3 Row Needlepoint
9 Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Inlay
Selection of Sizes

Cecil & Connie Hattie Johnson, Zuni Jewelry  Native American Jewelry

This couple specialized in needlepoint rings and cuffs. This was a signature piece. Their work, was among my most popular, almost everyone seemed to be drawn to it.  I also have a few 4 row rings and one cuff left. Click on their name, above, to see all items.

Cecil stopped working about 3 to 4 years ago when his health deteriorated to a point he had to go onto assistance.  The income from jewelry production would have made it impossible for him to receive the assistance required for his condition. 

Unless something very unexpected happens, what I have is all I will ever have.  

Note: Photo modeling the Johnson's artwork is not  the exact piece show here, it is for demonstration purposes only 


Materials: 3 Rows of 3 Inlaid Needlepoint Sleeping Beauty Turquoise (This mine is now closed), Sterling Silver

Weight: .1oz/4gr/0.088lbs

Signed: CCHJ Zuni

Hallmarked: None

Repeatable Design:  Due to health issues, these artists are no longer producing

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