Cathy Webster
Navajo Jewelry
Earrings - French Wire
Feather-cut Oval
Black Onyx, Opal, &
Sterling Silver Beaded Bottom Accents


This terrific design, which I call "Feather-cut" is something the shop for whom Cathy works is producing in a number of formats. I try to keeps earrings, rings, and pendants.  Cathy is one of my more popular shop artists.

Click through thelinks above to see more of Cathy's and Stoneweaver's works.  

Remember to check the dimensions-the photos are extreme close-ups 
The photos are often MUCH larger than the actual piece


Total Height: 1-1/8"H

Dimensions (earring only):  5/8"H x 7/16"W

Signed: Cathy Webster

Hallmarked: Sterling USA with copyright

Weight:  .2oz/5gr /.013lbs


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