Opal Ovals Angled with
Sterling Silver Bead Accents
Size 7 (Large)">

Z Carmichael Walela (Zuni) Jewelry
Bracelet Cuff 1/4" Tapered to 1/8"
Opal Ovals Angled with
Sterling Silver Bead Accents
Size 7 (Large)

Carmichael Walela, Zuni Jeweler - New Mexico, USA  - Native American Jewelry

 I don't have any biographical info on this artist.  I do know this is his signature style.  The design can periodically be found with different stones. It is one of the few of the lesser expensive bracelets that I have found available in a larger size. This is really important as most Zuni work cannot be size-adjusted due to the inlay work and that includes this bracelet.  Jewelry that has been adjusted in any way may not be returned.

Type: Bracelet - Cuff

Metal: Sterling Silver

Stones or Other Materials:  Imitation Opal (white Iridescent)

Height (Opal): 1/4"

Width (Opal): 1/8"

Bracelet Width (Top with Opal and Beads): 1/4" 

Bracelet Width (Cuff): 1/4" tapered to 1/8"

Bracelet Total Size: 7 (Large)

Bracelet Size (Metal Only): 5-3/4"

Bracelet Opening:  1-1/4"

Weight: .3oz/9g

Signed: C Walela Zuni

Hallmarked: No  Not unusual for Zuni.  Non-magnetic. All evidence points to it being Sterling

Repeatable Design:  As above. This is a specific style for this artist and definitely is repeatable, if it can be found.

Available in other materials: Yes, if it can be found, as above the piece will key on the stone

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