Z Western Buckle - Various Designs
Randy Secatero & Sylvana Apache
Copper with Oxidized Silver Overlay and Stamping

Artist/Source: Randy Secatero & Sylvana Apache, Navajo - New Mexico, USA 

Randy and Sylvana do the nicest silver on copper that I've seen.  All their work have a significant amount of copper to give heft. The quality of the stamping work is excellent, very sharp.  They also work is pure silver but their copper/silver work is exceptional.

Some people have more acidic perspiration than others, they are more likely to experience some skin discoloration from the copper than others. It doesn't hurt anything and can be washed off.  Wipe your jewelry down each night to help remove the acids.


Type: Buckle - Western - This is a unisex piece.

Metal: Copper and Sterling Silver

Stones or Other Materials:  None

 Buckle Size: 2"High x 2-3/4" Wide - This buckle is sized for up to a 1-1/4" belt. 

Weight: 4.5oz/127g

Signed: Yes. Randy Secatero  SA

Hallmarked: Sterling

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