Bracelet Cuff (Only)
Duane Maktima - Laguna/Hopi Jewelry
Chalcosiderite, Gem Silica, Orange Rosarita Inlaid in Sterling Silver

Artist/Source: Duane Maktima, Laguna/Hopi - New Mexico, USA 

Native American Jewelry

Matching pendant and earrings can be seen elsewhere on this site, if still available (See photo of "Set".  Set is pictured as example, the price on this page is for the BRACELET ONLY)


Duane is one of the top artists on the scene.  He graduated from Northern Arizona University, College of Creative Arts, Flagstaff.  He has been making fine jewelry for 37 years.  His work is on display at the Smithsonian Institution Museum of the American Indian.  In 2015 he was Artist in Residence at the Denver Art Museum. His work is collected by discerning enthusiasts worldwide.

He works in silver and gold and one of his signatures is the use of Rosarita in both red and orange.

Duane is very involved with Native affairs

Type: Bracelet - Cuff with Gift Box

Metal: Sterling Silver

Stones or Other Materials:  Chalcosiderite (mottled), Gem Silica (translucent green), Orange Rosarita (orange)


Height (Gemstone Section): 1-1/16"

Width (Gemstone Section): 7/16"

Bracelet Width: 7/16" 


Bracelet Size (Metal Only): 5-1/4" - This bracelet would have some adjustability in size

Bracelet Opening:  1"


Weight: 1oz/28g for the pair

Signed: Yes with Duane's Stylized logo

Hallmarked: Sterling

Repeatable Design:  One-of-a-kind.  Custom.  Similar can be made if the artist is amenable and can get the gem stones. Duane works more often with red Rosarita so availability for orange may be tougher.

Available in other materials: Yes. Mix of silver and gold or all gold. Other stones in other shapes can be used.


Lead Time For Custom:  Typically  3 to 5 weeks to ship.  This can vary according to availability of materials and whether or not Duane is traveling and/or preparing for a show

Item#: DM-BRCF-Orange Rosarita

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