Z Running Bear Shop
Navajo Jewelry
Bracelet - Cuff
Turquoise Oval with
Red Coral Ovals & Dots
Sterling Silver Accents

Running Bear Shop, Navajo - New Mexico

This piece was executed by one of the artists working for the Running Bear shop. Well executed, beautiful color combination.  This is a unique an attractive design.

Remember to check the dimensions-the photos are extreme close-ups

Metal: Sterling Silver

Stones or Other Materials:  Turquoise & Red Coral

Total Bracelet Size: 6-5/8" - (Medium)

Inside Measurement (Metal Only): 5-3/8"

Bracelet Opening (Gap):  1-1/4"

Adjustable: Quite a bit - on the mid and lower sides

Bracelet Width (Top): 1-1/4" 

Weight:  1oz/27g

Signed: Bear in Profile Logo with RB in center

Hallmarked: .925

Repeatable Design:  I have not seen this at Running Bear since I purchased this one.  If they remake it, I expect the price would be higher due to the elevation in price in the materials

Available in other materials: Not that I know of

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