Lapis Dots - Branch
Sterling Silver
Size 6-1/16"">

Z Angela Martin - Navajo
1-1/16" Bracelet - Cuff
Lapis Dots - Branch
Sterling Silver
Size 6-1/16"

Angela Martin, Navajo 

I love this design.  I have often found there were things I either wasn't sure of or thought were outright ugly that, when worn, looked spectacular.  When I first saw this design, I was on the fence, until I tried it on, it's beautiful.

This is a small cuff.  It could be opened a bit by probably about 1/8" but remember adjusted jewelry cannot be returned.

I also have some rings in this design.

Please check the dimensions-the photos are extreme close-ups


Metal: Sterling Silver Wires in abstract "branch" design

Other Materials: (8) Dots of Lapis, various sizes

Bracelet Size (Total): 6-1/16"

Metal Only: 5-3/16"

Gap: 7/8"

Weight: 1.1oz/31gr/0.068lb

Signed: A.Martin

Hallmarked: Sterling


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