Akee Douglas - Navajo
Button Silver Bubble
Post Earrings
Oxidized Cast Sterling
Blue Turquoise Dot

Akee Douglas  Navajo - New Mexico  Native American Jewelry

I've been waiting for these post versions for seven months! He really didn't want to make post, I almost gave up and and then, eureka, here there are! I also have them in pearlThis striking cast design features a heavily oxidized background with varying sizes of Sterling silver bubble beads and a cross.  To top it off it has a dot of blue turquoise for accent.

This is a really popular style by Akee Douglas and you will see me posting more.  He was very ill last year so his output was limited, I'm happy to see more of his work.

Remember to check the dimensions-the photos are extreme close-ups 
The photos are often MUCH larger than the actual piece

Gift Boxed

Earring Diameter: 1/2"H

Total Drop From Post: 3/8"H

Weight: .2oz/5gr/.011lb

Signed:  A Douglas (with shop logo)

Hallmarked: Sterling

Other Materials: Blue Turquoise (stabilized)

Repeatable Design:  Yes, with other stones (green turquoise, coral, pearl), ALL subject to availability

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