Z Eugene & Georgia Sanchez
Ke-Wa/Santo Domingo Pueblo
Med Small Triangle Mosaic Inlay
Earrings - French Wire
Turquoise, Jet, Apple Coral,
and Serpentine

Eugene & Georgia Sanchez  Kewa (Santo Domingo Pueblo), New Mexico  


Award winning artists.  Incredible one-of-a kind multi-inlay

Eugene and Georgia's work is very recognizable. It's not at all uncommon for others to copy new designs but these items are so intricate and work-intensive, I'm not sure anyone else will want to tackle it.

EACH EARRING triangle has approximately 63 separate hand-cut and set linear, square, and triangular inlays. The stones are Turquoise, Pipestone, Lapis, and Serpentine. 

As they use Jet backing they are very lightweight for their size. This is a double-edged sword, the lack of silver makes them more fragile - don't go dropping these on a hard floor!

Remember to check the dimensions - the photos are extreme close-ups

Total Earring Drop:  1-3/4"

Height (Earring only):  1-3/16"

Width: 1/2"

Depth: 3/32"

Weight for the Pair:  .1oz/4gr


Signed: Yes with their identifying 3 Dot logo markings

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