Medallions of Circles & Domes
Size 6-9/16 (Medium)">

Z Thomas Charley/Thomas Charlie
Navajo Bracelet
1-1/2" Cuff Melon
Medallions of Circles & Domes
Size 6-9/16 (Medium)

Thomas Charley (sometimes spelled Thomas Charlie) Navajo Jewelry

Another instantly recognizable design from Thomas. This is a real statement piece, it has real "pop"!  I'm thinking I NEED one of these for myself.

Thomas also makes some earrings and a pendant that are in the same design family. I've never seen anyone else try to make this cuff.   

This is a very substantial bracelet but remarkably lightweight for a cuff of this size.


Total Bracelet Size: 6-9/16" - (Medium)  

Measurements - (Metal Only): 5-3/8" + (Gap):  1-3/16"

Due to the way this is fabricated adjustment may tend to deform the design so minimal adjustment is advisable. Any jewelry that is adjusted or altered in any way is not returnable

Weight: 2.7oz/76g/.17lbs

Signed: TC    Hallmarked: Sterling

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