Z Bear on Fours
Zuni Fetish Carving
Debra Gasper

Debra Gasper, Zuni Fetish Carver

I love everything about this bear. The shape is great and the material is so unique. The side with the inclusions looks like it has floating clouds .

Debra Gasper is part of the Teddy Weeahkee lineage.  She is the daughter of Dinah & Peter (Sr) Gasper.

If you are interested in learning more about fetishes, I strongly suggest both Kent McManis's and Mark Bahti's books, both can be had at Amazon

Please check the dimensions-the photos are extreme close-ups 
The photos are often MUCH larger than the actual piece
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Stone: Angelite (Anhydrite)

Signed: Unsigned

Length:  1-3/4"

Width:  3/4"

Height: 1-5/16"

Weight: 1.3oz/36gr/0.08lbs


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