3/8" Dome
Single Twist & Bead
Sterling All-Silver
Sizes: 7 & 7-1/2">

Z Artie Yellowhorse - Navajo
3/4" Ring - Solid Band
3/8" Dome
Single Twist & Bead
Sterling All-Silver
Sizes: 7 & 7-1/2

Artie Yellowhorse, Navajo

A popular silver-only ring style for Artie. This is the solid-band version.  I received one in the split-band version. I'm informed there is no rhyme or reason as to which they make and when.  The split-band seems to be more difficult to acquire. 

This design can be paired with almost anything but I carry matching earrings, pendants, and bracelets, if available - if not, e-mail me, this setting moves almost as fast as I can post it.

Artie has been designing sophisticated jewelry for years. Jewelry work has been in the Yellowhorse family for generations. Her two daughters, Desiree and Lei Lani  are active members of the business. Artie does not perform the actual work anymore, it is executed by an in-house staff of very talented fellow Navajo jewelers.



Materials:  Sterling Silver

Sizes (currently in stock):  7 & 7-1/2

Diameter - Total (Including Perimeter & Dome): 3/4"

Diameter (Dome Only): 3/8"D

Weight: .2oz/7gr/0.0154lbs

Signed: Artie Yellowhorse

Hallmarked: Sterling

Setting available in other materials: Yes, Artie uses various stones and will use a mix of silver and gold or straight  gold (special order).


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