Branch Wires
Sterling Silver
Size 6-5/16"">

Lyle Piaso - Navajo
2" Bracelet - Cuff
Branch Wires
Sterling Silver
Size 6-5/16"

Lyle Piaso, Navajo

This is a great design.  It has a very contemporary feel and look to it.    It may look "simple" to make but, to get the desired result, it is anything but.  The twists and turns have to be just right and each subsequent wire complicates the piece geometrically.  It looks beautiful on anyone but it is absolutely fabulous on a person of color!

This is one of those pieces you have to see being worn to get the full appreciation of it. 

I also have variety of rings that will match well with this cuff.

Lyle is the son of Joe Piaso Jr.

Remember to check the dimensions-the photos are extreme close-ups

Bracelet Size: 6-5/16" Overall - 5-3/16"(Metal only) + 1-1/8 -" (Gap) .  This could be adjusted some but, please note, adjusted jewelry may not be returned.

Metal: Sterling Silver Wires in abstract "branch" design

Weight: 1.9oz/55gr/.12lb

Signed: L P (with Logo)

Hallmarked: Sterling

P030417, RP071020

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