Angela Martin - Navajo
- Ring
Branch Wires
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Oval
Size R9

Angela Martin, Navajo Jeweler


Near the top of my favorite rings in the year I found them.  I may have this in several sizes and versions, these are handmade so each is unique but all are elegant. FYI, the white dot in the center is from the flash.

I still have some other beautiful items in the "branch" design, rings, cuffs, and collar. 

Prices are significantly variable by stone used and time purchased, there is no special formula, they just reflect what was paid.

Remember to check the dimensions-the photos are extreme close-ups

Metal: Sterling Silver Wires in abstract "branch" design

Stones or Other Materials: Oval of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise (stabilized)

Turquoise Oval Dimensions: 7/16"H x 1/4"W

Weight: .2oz/5gr/.011lb

Signed: unsigned

Hallmarked: Sterling


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